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 Ask us about how to get started at home or here at SWA

Home iLs Program

You can rent (or lease to own) the iLs system and use at home. A therapist will help assist you with the Home Program and you can do it yourself at home. Your therpaist will walk you through how to use the equiptment, will track  progress, and customize programs for you. 

For more information:  questions: or call 303-741-4544 and when you have decided you are ready you will get a Home Program Code from your Therapist, you can email when you are ready for your code or if you have additional questions.

Who Benefits?

Children-- Toddlers and older, with:                                                                     


Developmental delays

Feeding complications

Sensory processing issues

Motor coordination delays

Behavioral issues

Autism Spectrum Disorder


Language and auditory processing delays

Poor social engagement and play skills

Learning/academic difficulties

Sleep issues



Adults with:



Auditory processing difficulties

Poor memory

Head injury


Mood issues

Desire for increased



    follow through


    executive function

Sleep issues


What is iLs

iLs is an exercise program for improving brain and body function. The activities are fun and can easily be customized for all ages and skill levels.


The combined elements of iLs-music, movement and language-begin with building the foundational supports for body organization. As the body becomes organized, so does the brain. With increased organization the brain is able to process information from our environment, sustain attention and learn.


The beauty of addressing brain function at this foundational level is that we become mentally and emotionally resilient, effective at school or work and more socially adept. For example,


-  Dynamic balance, proprioceptive abilities improve-a child finally learns to ride a bicycle

-  With faster processing speed- student pays attention and catches on more quickly

-  Eyes and ears are working together- third grader is now reading at grade level

-  Gross and fine motor systems are integrated- handwriting improves

-  Emotions are controlled- no detention, more friends at school

-  Stronger working memory- better at math and reading comprehesion

-  Sustained attention- no longer distracting others and less impulsive





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