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We are a private school for all children ages 3 years old through 12th grade. We have 12 children per classroom with two teachers per class.

We have out patient pediatric therapy on site for children ages 0 through 18 years old for children who need accommodations.

We serve children with all learning styles and abilities including gifted students, neurotypical students, and we provide accommodations for children with special needs. 

We are adding to our campus allowing us to serve young adults in the near future.

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Is South Walton Academy Right for us?

We offer evaluations to look at the possible need for therapy.

You do not have to have a diagnosis to receive therapy.

You do not have to attend our school program to receive therapy.

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How do I know if my child needs therapy?
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We have teachers trained and certified, they also have additional training in child development, education, communication and behavior. 


Are Teachers Certified?


You do not have to live in Santa Rosa Beach to attend SWA or any of our programs. We have many families who drive from all over and carpooling may be available. 

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Do we have to live in Santa Rosa Beach?
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Does my child have to attend full time?

We offer several different programs that allow you to create a schedule that fits your family. We provide part time options for pre-k students as well as home-school students. Therapy times are flexible and can be arranged with your therapist. Peer play groups are offered for ages 0-5 years old and our therapy program is open to the public. 

We also now offer an online school program, aftercare program, and starting Fall of 2021 will offer music, art, ninja warrior course, sports camps, and more. 

Where is the school located?
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We are centrally located in Santa Rosa Beach, Walton County at 305 Mack Bayou Road just behind Sacred Heart Hospital Hospital.

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Is South Walton Academy a Special needs school?

No. We are an inclusive school, meaning we are a school that includes all children. We specialize in child development for ALL children with various abilities and disabilities. We are trained in educational and therapeutic approaches making us successful in teaching to all learning styles and abilities. 

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